Like Jacob and Esau,  I am Jacob Esau was the hairy one I am Jacob Jacob was the hairless one I am Jacob  Got countable hairs as beard I am Jacob Younger brother’s got hair in abundance  I am Jacob  Chose to stay away from the club I am Jacob Decided to stay chaste as … Continue reading


#WRITING_TIP As a writer and one who is a great weaver of words to tell stories on a daily, you are in a state of enthusiasm when you realise what impact your story or post will have on the readers. To this end, your fingers end up typing faster than your brain is detecting the … Continue reading


The other day, I used some rubber bands to fasten something that required to be held in place and went away. Within a brief moment, the kids went to find the rubber bands and took them off from their place and used them for their play. When I got back, I couldn’t find the rubber bands.

Luckily, I saw the kids… Continue reading