My life was nothing before I met you .

I saw something in you that’s why I am down with you ;

Amongst stones, a Ruby I’ve found in you ,

The autumn crocus or lilly of the valley, that’s you.

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing [of birds] has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land .

These are all you brought to my land ;

Formerly a lowland but now a highland –

That’s my heart, you have cultivated it like a land.

I am no longer in search of love songs to sing .

Your gentility is a reason to put a ring on that finger ;

Your character was to me, a love finder .

Now, I have got every reason to take you down the aisle .

Before the altar, today I say, “I do” ;

Before God you’ve said, “I do” .

What more can we do?

Than to live, love, love, live; after all, we redo .

Let’s relish the moment ;

Give no ear to their comments .

Be found together under our garment ,

Live as one even through the ailments .

Remember, this is till death do us part .

Together, we shall not live apart ;

Faithful till the end even if one of us depart !

This is a Front, let’s team up to do combat .

By Yours truly, Louis Noel O.

© 30 Mar 2016


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