Growing into relevance, was told to be humble

Some became god’s who felt they could have me crumbled

Tried to speak out but they had their ears muffled

“Give me a chance!” But they said, “Continue in your struggles!”

Life was heavy, so it felt and very scrambled

So encompassing was the weight, the best thing to do was to tumble

Got to the point it felt like, “Royal in the Rumble”

To the destitute, truly life is a jungle

Lacking the knowledge, with whom to mingle

Even when there was a shindig, there’s the heaviness of the shackles

With no one to look up to, life seemed to be in shambles

Life became boring, nothing ever seemed to tingle

Heeded the call to really enjoy being a single

Passed from one phase of life to another; then came the wrinkles

Became quite weird, sought how to toggle

Searched, searched and even searched on Google

Then, it became conspicuously bare, needless of the goggle

Now, it’s clearer; with whom shall I haggle?

Who shall listen, to whom shall I tell of my hustles?

Listen and hear how life is unfair with all its bustles

Just pay attention and learn how I was able to jostle

Hold your peace; just listen. Are you listening? Are you listening?

Oh! No one is listening but everyone wants to tackle

It’s alright! It’s to God I now owe my allegiance and with Him I must settle

Hopefully, He’ll lead my path to Seattle

Gladly driven in a Beetle

Then, there’ll be no cause to feel little

Aqua shall be cooked in a kettle

Would seem ordinary but won’t be a mere mettle

Shall eat from the tree called Myrtle

Even the man with the sickle,

Shall know there has been a handover of mantle.

By yours truly, Louis Noel O.

© 31 Mar 2016


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