A man walked into a shop where he’d always done his shopping. After being attended to, rather than say, “Thank you,” he muttered, “You’re blatantly not a good man!” This made the cashier to look up at him, being an older man, and asked, “How dare you use such words on me; what nonchalance?!”

The man retorted, “I had to use those words so as to get your attention because for the past two months I have been shopping here, I have never seen what your eyeballs look like. You never look up to pay your customers any form of attention; all you do is look away. That’s really not a good customer service quality, I must say.”

After a long while, the older man was able to pacify his lovely customer; after which they were seen laughing their hearts out and both became amusingly happy. The man left and each of them had cheerful faces.


Attention costs nothing; so, be liberal in giving it out; it could make all the difference.

Jesus Loves You

Louis Noel O.™
April, 2016



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