Mr Michael was the Senior Security Officer of a multi-national company. He did his work assiduously but was never seen by anyone except one – Mrs Adewale.

Every morning, whenever she arrived at the gate, she’d wind down her glass, greet and commend Mr Michael for the great work he was doing and how she cherished it. Invariably, Mr Michael’s demeanour mostly was on the brighter side as his day usually felt fulfilled by the kind words of Mrs Adewale.

At the close of day each day, she would wind down her glass and wish him a good night. This became a routine for her and it got registered in Mr Michael’s subconsciousness.

One day, at he close of the day’s work, after everyone had left and the company became solitary again, Mr Michael’s spirit did not rest quite well in him as he doubted her departure. So, he decided to go on a patrol so as to be doubly sure.

As he approached her office, he heard her chocked voice calling out for help to whoever would miraculously hear it. He dashed towards her office, broke the door with a kick and found her engulfed in huge smokes which emanated from a corner of her office, gasping for air.

He grabbed, carried and rushed her downstairs as quickly as his feet could go. Now that she was in a safe zone, he picked up the phone and called fire and medical emergencies while he tried to resuscitate her by administering some form of first aid. After that the situation was brought under control and Mrs Adewale in perfect condition, she approached Mr Michael and thanked him for being her saviour and also sought to know how he had known she was trapped.

“I noticed that you didn’t come through the gate at the close of the day; I became restless and opted to go on the night’s patrol by myself. But, Madam, I must confess that amongst the staff here, you are the only one who compliments me; so I knew something was wrong. I am happy and thankful to God that I wasn’t late in locating you.

Mrs Adewale was extremely touched by his words; but was glad that her lifestyle has touched a life positively.


In life, money isn’t all that there is to give. Our kind words – our ability to raise the spirit of others – go miles to both better the lives of others and help in saving ours just as in the case of Mrs Adewale.

If our lifestyle don’t in any way touch the lives around us positively, then we are just existing and have not really started living. Be a blessing to someone today.



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