Poetry has given me wings to fly

Poetry has given me a path to ply

Poetry makes words look like I fry

Poetry helps, with my words, never to pry

Poetry, often, makes me feel to cry

When all my muse, sometimes feels dry

Poetry has been a reason to feel ‘high’

Poetry, to God, has made me draw nigh

Poetry has made friends to keep saying, “Hi”

Poetry, sometimes makes me wanna shout, “Kai !”

Poetry has made me more careful of word use

Knowing that an account I shall give to God for all my word use

Poetry, restores my muse

To poetry I pledge never to be a breaker of truce

To very far and wide regions, poetry shall make me cruise

Poetry gives me directions

Poetry, to my life, helps make corrections

Poetry, to everything in me, has made resurrections

Poetry gives me hope of greater manifestations

Poetry takes me to countries overseas

Without crossing the seas

Poetry takes me to other continents

Without leaving my continent

Poetry makes me feel content

Without any form of contempt

I love you all and I don’t pretend

I know you’ve got my back and me, you shall defend

Poetry brings me friends who’re the greatest

Poetry helps me hook up with the bold, beautiful, even the fairest

Now everyone around calls me dearest

Thank you, fellow poets, you’re the kindest.

Our peak surpasses Mount Everest.

These and more are what poetry means to me, what’s poetry to you?

By Yours truly, Louis Noel O.

© April 2016


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