Like a bundle of joy, I walked into your life. With the joy that comes with such packages, you took me in and not only made me a friend of the family, but a son. I became a son to you just as you were a mother to me. Then I called you mother for all the love you showed me. You gave me the privileges of a child.

When I realized that mommy was sick, I prayed for mommy. You had a stint with sickness but you were unflappable and remained faithful to the God of good health.

But it dawned on me that:

Just like an invention, you came into LIFE;

You lived through earth, loving LIFE;

Though you were held back, you held on to LIFE.

Even when death came calling in various guises,

You answered to LIFE.

Jesus came knocking and you opened; for you said:

“He is the Truth and the LIFE.”

Then, you lived in that fullness of LIFE.

Nothing mattered to you like LIFE;

Because you believed that hope is nurtured by LIFE,

When all hope was lost, you found it in LIFE.

Even when friends and family left, you said:

“Do not leave me, LIFE!”

Then came abundance of LIFE.

You made the most out of LIFE.

You gave to LIFE.

You received from LIFE.

Then, God blessed you with long LIFE.

You embraced and hugged LIFE.

Then you asked, “What is LIFE without LIFE?!”

“See you later in heaven,” said LIFE,

Then you replied: “Come and take me death, for I shall live in heaven, an eternal LIFE.

Now, you live an eternal LIFE.

Rest In Peace in the Joy of the Almighty, dear Mommy. We shall meet you over the River Jordan.

By yours truly,

Louis Noel O.

© April 2016



  1. Nice piece, it’s great to know that death cannot take Life away from a true Christian, but when we leave our mortal bodies, it’s actually the beginning of Life in a place beyond river Jordan where there will be no more sorrow or tears.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, dear. That is the joy and hope of everyone that calls the Lord out of a heart devoid of hypocrisy. When the eyes of a saint closes, we say they are at sleep.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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