It’s your birthday and not April fool ;
You’re too wise to be categorized with the fools .
Don’t know if you could swim in a pool ?
The weather today looks good and cool .

Today, I just want you to feel high .
This is me writing, I’m not just saying, Hi .
You look more beautiful today, I’d say, “Kai!”
You may not really know your worth but I believe you can fly .

I wish you a birthday with many happy returns .
Wherever your feet take you to, you shall return ;
Don’t lose focus on the fact that He shall return ,
May you not be found napping when He returns .

This is my little gift to you; it’s not a cake ;
It came straight from the heart; it’s not fake .
This means the world to me; please, from me, take .
Better decisions, from today try to make .
The Lord bless you and cause His countenance to be lit upon you for Heaven’s Sake .

Happy Birthday.

Jesus Loves You


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