One old woman, Mama, boarded a plane.
Her ticket showed that her seat was at the back, towards the tail end of the plane. But Mama preferred to sit at the front part of the plane.

The hostesses tried in vain to convince her. The Co-pilot’s efforts to make her see reasons to take her rightful seat proved abortive. So the Pilot came to her and pleaded but she turned deaf ears to all his pleading.

By this time, they were all exasperated by her being adamant; so the pilot thought of better strategies and came up with one:

He went back to Mama and told her that, the reason she is being begged to sit on the seat designated for her at the tail end of the plane is because the front part of the plane is destined for Borno while the tail part of it is destined for Lagos, her destination.

Without much ado, Mama picked her purse and ran as quickly as she could to her designated seat.

Now, how’s that? Hilarious?

Laugh and forget your anxieties.

By yours truly, Louis Noel O.

Ā© April 2016



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