A man, leave
To a woman, cleave
Together, live
In agreement, wear the same sleeve .

Work to bring in the sheaves
Never you try to heave
Because together you were meant to believe
In the end, you begin to relive .

From each other, love derive
None the other drive
Then, your love shall thrive
For one flesh, each other must strive
Together, quench the fire of strife .

If you wish, can have five
That could be a bee-hive
One, two, three, now you can dive
Affections, everyday you must revive .

Never look for more wive with the ‘s’
Or you contract the A.I.D with the ‘s’
Keep at bay the knive with the ‘s’ .
Invite He whose name ends with the ‘S’ .

Of the moment, you might be a rave
But for the Spirit you must personally crave
Before you head down to the grave .

To meet He (Jesus) whose grandfather is Dave
To account for the days He gave
If well-done, you’ll sing from the stave
Then, you’ll consider selves saved .

By yours truly, Louis Noel O.

© April 2016

Jesus Loves You


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