In a bus, we both sat by each other
I was wishing I could talk to her alone and none other
My tongue became stifled and my feelings smouldered
Again, it was roused and this time, I pondered


Then, as I was just about to say, “Hi!”
She looked over my head and said, “Hi!”
Brimming with ecstasy, I said, “I’m a Doctor!”
But she looked towards the door and called out, “Conductor!”

Then, she said, “At the next terminus I shall alight!”
So, I imagined, “This could be your only chance; the greenlight”
Then, she touched me and said, “Excuse me, may I pass?”
I thought, “Oh! This, I shall use as a compass”

As I sat there still trying to decide if to alight also
The conductor said to her, “Take your balance, Nonso!”
Then, I thought a little loudly to myself, “Her name is Nonso”
I couldn’t keep it low; so I shouted, “Na so!”

Silently, I told the driver, “Wait, I will alight here too!”
The driver looked at me, smiled and said, “Why are you restless like a monkey in a zoo?”
I replied, “It’s that girl in blue I want to woo”

He then said, “Run for thy life, thou fool !
That is a picturesque of a work tool
In the hands of Satan to play you pool
Thou art a handsome man and look cool
Run now before thou start to play the fool
Thinking she’s good for thee for a night food.”

I looked critically into his spontaneity

And how he had the semblance of my paternity

I appreciated his originality

And I saw in his eyes nothing but sincerity

Quickly, I retracted my steps and sat in my seat again

Then, it dawned on me that as beautiful as Nonso was, she happened to be the girl I couldn’t say “I like you” to.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™ 2016 All rights reserved



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