Need I be shouting, “The globe is warming?!”
Words have been out and roaming
Earlier in the ages, nothing but frosting
Now, even our brains be roasting .

Things are hard, how ya think we coping?
Tilling the ground’s so tough, how will we be cropping
Times are past when manna be dropping
Oh! Lord, have mercy; for better weather, your children be drooling .

Keep the earth clean and green, that’s a clarion call
ChloroFluoroCarbon… That’s a scare to heed the call
Don’t go shopping it’s not found in a mall
Prevent liter all around, that’s a call to you all .

Ozone layer depletion, our duty to stop
Deforestation, our obligation to drop
UV penetration, our call to God for help
Sun burn, our consequence to bear .

Do whatever in your powers to heed this warning
Don’t take as joke; so don’t think it’s deworming
The earth is ours, let’s start reforming
Please, once again attend to this warning .

By yours truly, Louis Noel O.
© April 2016


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