From the 7 Star Worker Conference, convened by Jimi Tewe [] and organized by Inspiro Consulting Ltd, which is his brainchild; I have been made to know of him as:

*   A man of passion who knows the ills or shortcomings of his generation and how to deal with them; and is keen on inculcating such problem troubleshooting skills into the lives of the youths of his generation;

*   A man who believes that no one can ever rise above their area of competence in life and vision is a prerequisite for living a purposeful and fulfilled life.

*   A man who boldly states that the youths are the engine room for the now generation and the next and knows how to empower then to help them get equipped for herculean task ahead of them.

*   A man whose dreams and goals are as tall as his physique and maintains a mature persona at all times.

I fell in love with his carriage and wished it for myself.

What a great mind you are, Sir. I celebrate you.


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