Who says bravery doesn’t pay? Such needs a med-check.

Bravery has opened a door which my hands aren’t strong enough to open. And given me access to be around with great minds to shape me into becoming a great mind myself. How awesome. 😉😁😊

This is a letter I received to that effect:

“Hello sir,

For being the first to give a caption to the picture on my Facebook wall, you now have a complimentary one month free subscription to The High-Value Partner’s Club.

It is a club that raises individuals into becoming a High-Value Partner. An HVP is a person who has mastered his emotions, conquered negative patterns, become an asset and is entirely teachable. This is what this club hopes to make you.

It’s a one year programme with a monthly subscription of N3000 and a year subscription ought to be paid in full before admission, except in special cases. You have a free one month subscription that starts today and ends on June 8, 2016.

Thank you for participating. Upon your acceptance reply, you will be added to the Facebook group and the Whatsapp group.

Thank you.

Gabriel Olatunji-Legend
Pre-Marriage Coach”


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