Dear You,

Good day and how are you faring? I do hope you are having splendid time?

I am writing this letter to let you know some things that are more crucial and important than the fact that you are my friend both virtually on Social Media and in real life.

In this letter, I am not going to caution you about protecting yourself against STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) but to tell you that PREMARITAL SEX is fornication.

I am not going to only tell you to not drive when you are drunk but to let you know that getting ‘High’ is drunkenness.

Using this medium, please, kindly note that the art of lying is a sin (no lie is a small lie; as small as you might think it to be, it could land your soul into eternal damnation). Note that there isn’t anything called ‘White, Black, Secretarial, Professional or Non-professional lie.

Above all, You, I would love you to know that Jesus came to die for my sins and yours and brought Salvation to all men in the process. All He needs you to do is to ask Him for the forgiveness of your sins (no matter how grievous) and He would rightly forgive and cleanse you.

This I have written to let you know that, that is as easy as it can get to making it to Heaven.

Please, write back to let me know you received and read MY LETTER TO YOU.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Louis Noel O.™

12 May, 2016


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