I told you I love you over and over and now is the umpteenth time .
If I were counting, it would be more than fourteen times ;
How come you despise me even after these many amount of times ?

My name you have known as the Holy Spirit ;
I am also God and I am His Spirit .
We created you in Our Image and you are also a spirit .
God says, “You can do all I can do; I have given you My Spirit !”

I want to have fellowship with you, just give me your soul .
For My Love’s sake, I have blessed you from your head down to your sole ;
So, is it a big deal to give me your soul ?
Your body shall decay; but all I need is your soul .

Pray to me for Salvation !
I will take your name out of the list of condemnation ;
Then you’ll pray to Me for Sanctification ,
So that I will fill you in and help you do exploits and not exploitation .
This is Me speaking, I am the God of your Salvation.
He is Noel and he is My instrumentation.

Louis Noel O.™
May, 2016


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