There was this door at a supermarket near my residence. Every time I wanted to have access through it, I tried so hard to open it but my effort, always, was met with its stiffness; probably due to rusted joints or something beyond my knowing. The door was so stiff that sometimes, I ended up hanging
around to see when someone would come around to open it and I’d follow the person as quickly as I could before the door closes again; being a hinge door. However, whenever I wanted to act smarter, I’d use my two hands to pull the door to open it; but this was met with eyes that roved in my direction and that usually caused some form of embarrassment – a major reason I delighted more in the ‘hanging around’ option.

This continued for very long and I began to feel shy about my inability to open a common door. Yes, it was embarrassing. Then I took an introspection of the whole issue and it led me to take a drastic step: I began to train my muscles to make them firmer and stronger by the day so as to confront my giant – the door.

The next time I went to that supermarket, after a few weeks of training, I was able to open the said door with just one hand and the joy that filled my heart was one never felt before. But it got me to wonder and ponder if I was able to open it by the strength I have built up by my workouts or was it that the swing machine had been fixed (peradventure it was rusted)? Well, that remains a question for another day.

Likewise, in your life, you may be faced with challenges – all of us are – that seem daunting and overwhelming that you start to think the best way out is to stay aloof and hope for a miracle.

Do you feel like to cast all hope to the wind?

No, don’t do it. You are more than that. You can turn that situation around to your favour. You can make it a stepping stone to your greatness. Greatness lies in the mind but the act of ‘doing’, puts you in motion to the attainment of that greatness.

More so, when such challenges arise, it is a call for you to have an introspection of the whole issue and come up with ways of tackling them. The world will only laugh at you once but continue in what you are doing, as long as it is the right thing to do to face your challenges, headlong.

Until you are ready to face your fears, they will continue to be your tormentors. All it takes is just A STEP.

Take a step today.

Louis Noel O.™
May, 2016


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