These are helpless; they are the destitute
What does your love constitute?
Render help and see them through an institute
They’d surely show their gratitude

Until you care for the next man, you’re living for yourself
Must God tell you, why not learn it now for yourself?
Love was meant to be shared and not just for yourself
If you are like that then I must say that you’re full of self

The story of life differs; all fingers are not equal
Give to the needy, don’t use it for liquor
If you don’t get it, all I’m saying is don’t spend on beer
Or you’ll be seen as a heartless bear

A naira a day can make all the difference
Get to decide, take your time to have a conference
They are everywhere but you can bring them to a confluence
Before long, you become the man with the influence
This is a clarion call and not a mere inference.

Join Helping Hands International to give to The Destitute
And earn some income for yourself as an income-substitute
Call/Whatsapp: 08033310631

Image: Courtesy, Google

Louis Noel O.™
June, 2016


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