Inhale, Exhale

The world is crumbling ;
Everything seems to be tumbling !
Inhale, Exhale

I am forty plus ;
To my life, I can’t even make a ‘plus’ !
Inhale, Exhale

On a daily, I am told to carry my cross ;
Where is the end? I don’t think it’s even close !
Inhale, Exhale

The economy is stuck ;
The government, my life wants to pluck !
Inhale, Exhale

Where is the Saviour ?
Come and give me something to savour !
Inhale, Exhale

I can’t take this anymore ,
I feel like ending it now; life has been less not more !
Inhale, Exhale

What’s all this Inhale, Exhale ?!
What should I do since you said if I end it I’d go to hell ?
Inhale, Exhale

Just call upon God; tell Him all your encumbrances
Explain to Him your circumstances
He’ll do one, two, three, four, five, even six
After you’re done with your reminisces
Sit back, relax, then
Inhale, Exhale

Image Credit: depositphotos

Louis Noel O.™
June, 2016

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