Whether I sick or live, poetry lives in me
Laid on the bed in pain, poetry breathed in me
Thought all hope was lost, but poetry revived the spirit in me
Looked up to the ceiling, poetry written all over for me

Then, I introspected to find out the source and found a heart of poetry
Searched, ransacked and saw a soul of poetry
Got confused, looked at my skin, tattooed on me was poetry
I got scared, asked the doctor, “How dare you inject me with poetry?!”

Before me, stood a man in white and said, “Behold, poetry heals your soul;
Here, you’re Noel but over there, you’re Ghentulsouhl
I am here with poetry as the only healing to your soul
Arise! And stand on your sole.”

I am the God that healeth thee! I have healed your soul, even with poetry.

Image credit: Google

Property of: Souliterary Planet™
June, 2016


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