Muhammad Ali

“I am the greatest in all the jot and tittle”
This is said only by the mighty at heart; not those who feel little
That is what you are when you know your mettle
Stand for what you are and never feel belittled

On the face of the earth walked a man called Muhammad Ali
A black man, I had thought was a citizen of Mali
He was a giant, not a smally
His countenance was always bright you may mistaken it for a smiley

At 74, you’d say he was well stricken in age
Whether that or not, he was to this world, a sage
He found his purpose, stood for it, went for the kill and never felt to have been in a cage
A great fighter, who garnished each victory with an adage

His legacies would be evidences that #MuhammadAli was here
He was a source of inspiration to many, even this one here
A man who fought men and illness
Was never proud but full of meekness

He was never an atheist
For the things of God, he had a thirst
All that mattered to him was nothing else but victory first
He knew the brevity of time and learnt to make haste

To everything, there is a season tied
Your time came and you died
It was in the inner part of me that I cried
Life was not in your hands, but you tried

This is my tribute to you and I say R. I. P
To this world, you were a V. I. P
I pray that in Heaven you be treated as a V. V. I. P
At your graveside, there’d be no tears but a lot of Ps & VPs

Rest In Peace #MuhammadAli

Image credit: Google

Louis Noel O.™
June, 2016


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