The Place of Fear in Your Life

Fear is an emotional outburst. Fear is devilish and is not okay for anyone. Fear leads to panic and when you are panicked, you tend to do anything in your quest to finding safety. This is why in an emergency situation, you are urged not to panic. Because when you panic, you are bound to find yourself running in the direction of the source of your fear, ignorantly.

Fear is psychological; but also as much spiritual. This is why Jesus urged you to fear not (John 12 vs 15).

We are to fear God alone (Matthew 10 vs 28).

When you fear, the devil capitalizes on it and leads you to do things that ordinarily you wouldn’t do in your right senses.

This is why panic can make someone to stop his car, come down and jump off a bridge, plunging into eternal damnation.

The above scenario was made possible  by the soul being in a state of panic in the man – probably due to an issue or the other – at that moment, needed to find solace. But in such a scenario, the evil one, Satan, stepped in; promised the soul of the man eternal solace and urged it to jump off, out of the spirit of the man and come to him.

Upon accepting the offer, the body got involved and aligned itself to the desires of the soul and physically jumped off the bridge and plunged into the river; but for the soul, it plunged into eternal darkness and damnation. There, it will be in eternal gnashing of teeth and unending wailing.

Anxiety is a relation of fear. But God is there to be your anxiolytic (a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability.)

Solace, safety, assurance and the likes can only be found in Christ Jesus alone. That is why I am always in love with a song with the following lyrics:

“All your anxiety, all your care
Bring to the Mercy Seat,
Leave it there;
All your anxiety, all your care,
Never a friend like Jesus”

Dearly beloved, Jesus is the only One Who can give your soul the assurance and reassurance of eternal safety and solace.

Never fear! Don’t panic!

Image Credit: Google

Noel O. Louis™
June, 2016


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