Mr & Mrs Farquhar

“Look at you, do you know I still love you?” She said, as she watched him smoke from his pipe.

“Really?” He retorted.

“Lol! When I said, ‘I do’ on that day when the Pastor held our hands in front of everyone, did you think I was joking?” She replied amusingly.

“Tell me, how did you do it; how were you able to wait on me patiently all these years despite the roughness along the way?” He enquired curiously.

“Oh,come on! Don’t tell me I was joking when I agreed that I’d stay with you through thick and thin. We’ve enjoyed our ‘thick’ period; look at us, we’re now in our ‘thin’ period. That was how serious I was, dear.” She answered.

“Huh! ‘Dear,’ do you still call me that; what is the ‘dear’ about me now, with how wrinkled I’ve become?” He asked as he poked her nose.

“Ain’t you funny? Well, that is the place of purpose. On a greater scale, I married you for the purpose I saw you were working towards and decided to help you attain it; not totally for love. Love fades away; when it does, it tends to divorce but purpose holds on strong whether good or bad; richer or poorer. Behind every successful man is a woman, remember? You’ll remain my ‘Dear’ till death do us part. Age is just a number and besides, you’re still young at heart.” She intelligently said, reassuringly.

“Hmm! This was another major reason I married you; you are very articulated and your wisdom is one I can’t see myself getting enough of,” he said, satisfied.

“You’ve started with your myriads of flattery once more, right?” she said as she pricked his leg and they went on and laughed their way through the day.

This was written for your sake. So, tell me, what have you learned from it?

Photo credit: To Mr & Mrs Farquhar

#StopDDivorce. Join the movement.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™
June, 2016


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