Do you remember?

Do you remember the day we first met?
Do you remember the affable feelings in your heart?
Do you remember how it felt when I took your hand and told you I love you?

Do you remember the day your fingers were in mine and I took you down the aisle?
Do you remember what delectable emotions you had when I kissed those sweet lips of yours?
Do you remember when we held each other’s hands and walked the streets?

Do you remember what laughter we shared, just you and me?
Do you remember when I caressed your tears and soothed your pain?
Do you remember the world I promised to give to you?

Do you remember the family you had promised to give me?
Do you remember the home we had planned to have?
Do you remember the gossips and the jealousies we disdained?

Do you remember our plans to elope to the moon
And be locked up in our own cocoon?
Do you remember when you were wrapped around by these hands when you shuddered?

Do you remember the passionate memories of our yesterdays and the hopeful expectations of our tomorrows?
Do you?
Do you?

Do you remember?

Stop such feelings by being there till the very end.

Stop the divorce. Join the movement.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™
June, 2016


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