The Frame

Only in marriage does two hearts become one
Though we are two bodies but now, we’re one
Here, one plus one equals to one
It was a mystery but I found out that you’re the one

This is a journey and we must go the whole nine yards
Unraveling the mysteries of our hearts
Two hearts glued together by love
It’s too late to back down now

It’s a cross and we must bear the weight
I carry, you carry; when it gets heavier we wait
These kids are the reason we’d live and die for
This was good, it’s something we must die for
If not then we are done for

Every good thing doesn’t come cheap but always takes time
This mustn’t be rushed, we must give it some time
In the end, we’d both smile when we’d look upon
The frame of the best days of our life

#Lessons from Mr & Mrs Farquhar
This is the knowledge that is powerful enough to prevent your marriage from utter collapse.

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Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™


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