Tears In My Eyes

Starting off in the journey of life, I was told to go in the direction of my dreams
Set out on the journey to dreamland
But was hit by a headlong collision with what is called vision
Then I decided to define my mission

It was said, “Go and may God be with you
And may men consult you
You’re highly favoured of the Lord
Man is god to man…” That is word!

Then, I was advised that, “You’d need people on your journey
People to aid you and hasten your journey
Looked around, it seemed like a tourney
Then it dawned on me I don’t have anyone as an attorney

Who hears me now, before I’d be taunted to have cried foul?
Please, help me up; stop looking at me like an owl
But you said, “Some other time, you don’t have a bowl”
Then, I realized you want to see me holding a begging bowl

I might be a destitute
But God made you as a ‘help institute’
You have all the wealth🍸🍹
But I lack all the health😥

I cried to you for care
But you looked away and said, “I don’t care”
Now, I am sick; sadly without a doctor’s care
No legal tender for food or maternity fare

Was it my fault that my father was a pauper?
Probably I came at a time that’s not proper
Life failed me in my bid to prosper
Back in the days, God was the Manna Dropper

Let me return to my Maker with this tears😢 in my eyes
Maybe He’d gladly wipe these tears😢 from my eyes
But know that you’re 👆 the last one I see with these tear-full 😢 eyes
Even as I close my crying eyes
(closes eyes and dies).
That is another one gone. So many there exists with great visions but lack the opportunity to live out their dreams. There’s always a soul crying out. When are you gonna be a help to just one soul?

Image credit: Google

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™


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