Yimu Yimu

These are some of the faces a lot of folks put up behind you when you tell them of your vision and ambitions in life.

Then, they would stand at tension watching your every move. In their eyes, you are nothing but a piece of trash; a never-do-well; a failure. They believe that you can never amount to anything in life.

Thank God they did or are doing it behind you as your eyes can’t see them; therefore, you are ignorant of their devices. For your oblivion to their antics, you take giant strides to achieving your life’s goals and ambitions, unhindered.

The world is uninterested in your beginning; it’s only interested in seeing you approaching the wharf with a shipload of successes.

One major reason they do what they do is because “The only people in your life who want you to do better than them are your parents. Everyone else will at some stage, get jealous if you do better than them.” – Anonymous

When you start out, no one ever cares; however everyone would be on the lookout to know how your life is panning out. This is a major reason never to feel dispassionate about life but put passion in whatever it is you do; and that would be to their detest and utmost derision.

“Such is life” is an axiomatic expression when people relent to fate. In your case, never lean on the backdrop of such a saying – it is a statement of defeat. You are a victor; always remember that. Never relent to fate. Rather, rely on faith. Let your faith in God be multiplied each day as you live out your dream and go in the direction of your goals.

Remember this always: when the world makes such facial mockery of your amiable future, God steps in – if you allow Him – and ensures you have an enviable life. Before their eyes, greatness is manifested through you.

Never settle for less; you were made of more and for more!

Cheers! To your success and to the shame of those who do ‘Yimu, Yimu’ (facial mockery) behind you.
P.S: Remember Nehemiah? The building of the wall of Jerusalem wouldn’t have been completed if he had listened to Sambalat and his cohorts.

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