I sat on the pavement when you came along and passed by. I looked as you walked away and was glad that as it were in your tradition of taking a walk every morning and evening, you’d return. As I sat and watched you walk along, I began to brim with amusement; then I said to myself,

“That’s my hero. You sure know how to carry yourself. I love your charisma.”

You trudged on and as you were at a considerable distance, the fog, the mist and the clouds which should be held up in the sky by the forces of nature, lost their adhesive abilities and started to crawl towards you. I got scared. I thought you needed help; I thought something had gone wrong. Then I thought to myself,

“I have to see to this; I must go to his aid.”

Then, as I tried to stand up to come to you, a force held me back. I tried to cry and call out for help so that others could run down and promptly render help but my mouth felt like it was gagged and I couldn’t say a word.

“What’s happening to him?!” I thought to myself as the clouds covered you and all I could see was nothing but the silhouette of your grandeur image at an unreachable distance.

Gradually, I began to lose the grips of the gagging feeling I had felt earlier as I watched you being lifted by the hands of the winds. When I regained control of my speaking abilities, I called out loudly to mother and my sisters who came rushing down, crying with heavy eyes.

I sought to know why they were crying so loudly and profusely but no one was able to say a word to me as they were still engrossed with crying their hearts out. I explained to mother how I had seen you pass by me and the direction you took. This made her cry some more.

Then I took another glance at the direction you were walking but couldn’t see any trace of you anymore. The clouds were now called up yonder while the mists and fogs were gone with the breeze. I got confused; tried to calm mother for the umpteenth time.

This time, she managed to control her tears and tried to mutter something that wasn’t audible enough but the last few words I heard before she burst into tears again were the words,

“…won’t return again.”

Then, some liquid formed in my eyes. A drop fell off like a scale falling from my eyes; I saw it. It became clearer to me. In  my wildest imagination, it wasn’t what I had expected. Here I was staring directly into the eyes of reality as it stared back at me in the face making me learn that – against my wishes – you will never return again. 

Image: Courtesy, Google

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™


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