An elder in the making

When an elder gives you a good advice,
It is only fair you give ears to the advise
And everyday, try hard to revise
If you don’t, you’ll be termed to have a vice.

An elder gave me a good advice,
I wrote a letter to reply his advise:

“I shall to your advice heed
And to your words, everyday read.
To my life, a seed you have sown;
This, I write, and it is your own.”

Elderly advice depicts experience
You’re young and full of incoherence
They’ve been there and know most inconsistencies
You must hearken and cut down on your exegesis

They were there in the time of Genesis As ‘nwaibo’ I ask you to ‘jee nisi isi’
That is the place you’d find your soul’s solace
After you’ve literally worn an elder’s advice as a lace

This is to you, Felix and Miss Carrie
These may sound heavy for your ears to carry
I say this calmly not in a hurry
Just try and appreciate elderly advice, Dearie.
It’s a new week and it is a blessed week for all of us. I believe in God and in the power of His resurrection. What do you believe?

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™


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