Madam Mia

Oh,  the hurting inside of my heart
Why should my heart grow numb
When I live and love him truly?
When my eyes were dark,
He showed me my mark
I found love in the left hand side of his chest
Bought me all the jewellery in a chest

Held and cuddled me like a baby
I looked into his eyes when he called me baby
He ran to Jessica when she cried out loudly
And cuddled her so well that I got jealous, fondly

Stop it, my mind! Don’t play a fast one on me
Why should I leave such a caring man?
What would I have to explain to Jessica
When she asks of daddy’s car?
I won’t leave; we have come very far
I’ll stay and answer him sir
When he calls my name, Mia

I’ll be here and help to milk the cows
Help him to chase out the mouse
I have no other, this is my house
This is my decision, what’s yours?
Is leaving him/ her the best you can offer? Maybe a rethink would make all the difference. Take a stand today.

Stop the divorce. Click here to join the movement.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™


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