Reading is good; but too much of it is bad

When you read too much, where is the time to play card? (All reading and no play makes Noel a slave to books) 

You can read and play but when the time comes to work, get down and work

Work; now is your time to work.

In all of these, always make some time for thinking

Give time to reading but some to positive thinking

After that, go out and implement all the innovative ideas from your thinking

That way, you’d find out that you’ve got the ability for creative thinking

That is the power of thirty minutes of meditation

It also saves you some money for medication

You may say, “Why tell me that reading  too much is bad; how do I wear the suits?”

Just know that after a certain age, your mind would be distracted too much from its creative pursuits

Now is your chance to tap into your creativity

If you read me, you must be brimming with positivity

Or fail to and be filled with heartfelt negativity

You know yourself; how you are the master of your ability

Read the below lines and let them leave on you, marks of indelibility

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking”

Those were not my words but of a man you’d consider to be ‘fine’

He was a man who stood like a man with a spine

Whose brain power has caused his name to shine

A fine man indeed; a sage called Albert Einstein

One of the masters of creative thinking

His ability to use his brain, till today, leaves us thinking

If you do agree with me, you’d think, “I’m one of a kind”

Or, “Wow! You are far too kind”

Well, thank you; but this is not milk, it is something for you to chew and grind

I pray from today you have the feet of the hind

Cheers! As you take out time to read and think while preparing not to be left behind.

Be positively inspired!

Advise from an elder.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™



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