Monkey's prehensile tail

A Monkey’s Prehensile Tail

There lived an old monkey with a questionable behaviour in the village of Barucada. It preferred bananas on the ground; than the ones still on the pseudostem. 
It had a tail that shone very brightly but was bereft of such knowledge, haven grown to become accustomed to the brighness – it literally lived all its life with a shining tail. 

When it’s nightfall and the villagers are asleep, it surreptitiously hops out; eats up all the banana it could find, scatters people’s property with its prehensile tail and climbs back to its hideout in the trees, skulkingly.

Then, when the villagers arise in the morning, they become filled with awe, trying to figure out who ate their bananas and scattered their food stuffs which they had made ready as wares for the market. 

This continued for a long time. Consequently, the people grew wary of one another as the culprit couldn’t be pinpointed. So, one day, one of the victims of the monkey’s heinous acts, secretly employed the services of a police officer to be on the lookout for the culprit.

The officer got into action and every night, he’d wear very dark clothes and go into a hideout. 

Then, unknowing to the monkey, it came down and as it was in its tradition, it ate all the bananas and scattered the food stuffs in sight. As it walked hole-and-corner around the village, the officer saw it and started to pursue it. But the monkey was too fast for him and went into hiding. The officer followed the trail of its brightly lit tail and caught it.

Subsequently, the monkey was brought before the people on the next market day and was there, castrated. 

Its tail which shone quite brightly was cut off, publicly. 


When you go about committing sin and think no one sees you, God sees even in that darkness (secret place). If you don’t repent, your sins will catch up with you and make a public shame of you. Jesus makes all the difference. 

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Noel’s Pen™ 

© 2016 All rights reserved. 


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