Ladened with love and affection

Free of guile and deceit

Not self seeking

Needing love

That’s the beautiful heart

Full of passion and compassion 
Doesn’t know dispassion

Free of any known confusion

Distributing, sharing and giving love

That’s the beautiful heart
Forgiving as quickly as offended

Counting no wrongs or mistakes

Forgetting and keeping no records

Feels free and light, having no one in mind

That’s the beautiful heart
Very loving

Loving truly

Truly caring

Caring affectionately

Affectionate and sincere

Sincere and honest

Honestly faithful

And faithfully living

That’s the beautiful heart


These are the characteristics of a beautiful heart. What are the characteristics of your heart? I urge you to seek to have a beautiful heart as that is the type that God delights to look upon. I have a beautiful heart ♥. Jesus can give you one. Are you needing one today? Let me show you how. Reach out to me. 

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© 2016 Noel’s Pen™. All rights reserved.



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