How could I be talked to that way?
How could he talk down on my integrity and drag my name in the mire?

How could he disrespect my name and now he is asking me to forgive?

Leave me, now I want to retaliate!

How could she slap me in the face and spit on me?

How could she make me look so little and have me embarrassed in the presence of that crowd?

How could she rain such curses on me and promised that we’re now sworn enemies

How could she do all that and now wants me to pardon, how’s that possible?

Leave me, now I want to give it back to her!

I have been derided and disrespected for too long by him!

I have been patient to act for long, I can’t take it from him anymore!

I have been held back from exercising my authority as a man!

Leave me alone; I shall now show her that I am of great mettle; I am a man of valour!
Then, that Silent Voice said: 

Yes, you can do all of that but how dare you?

How often have you disrespected my name and I forgave?

How many times have you made mockery of me and embarrassed me in public and I forgave?

Between you and I, who’s of more valour?

Never you pay any man in his own coin!


Forgiveness is a debt you owe no one else but yourself. You’re held back from greatness and freedom by unforgiving spirit. Let him/ her off your chest and enjoy the free breeze of liberty today. It works. Try it today. 

Be positively inspired.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© 2016 Noel’s Pen™. All rights reserved. 


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