One year ago, I saw a music video. The artiste was adorably beautiful. I paused it, took a closer look and loved how simplistic and natural she looked in the video. She looked adorably beautiful and I kept gazing at her closely; appreciating God for being such a Crafts Master.

Then, my intuitive creative mind told me that her face deserves a little time spent to give it a sketch. Bingo! My hand got into action, picked up a pen and paper and came out with this drawing. Though I drew it with a biro, I put adequate attention so as not to make errors as there wasn’t any way to erase any mistake.
Why am I sharing this? 
Whenever you’ve got your mind focused on anything in life, don’t entertain any mind shift. The human mind can be disruptive often but willpower curtails that disruption and fixates your gaze on the mark. Willpower is important in your life. Build it today. 
Be positively inspired. 
Property of: Souliterary Planet™ 

© Noel’s Pen™


All Rights Reserved. 


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