Dear friends,

There exists a gulf of difference in the above subject matter. Some folks mistaken your not wanting to be a ghost member by contributing to subjects of discourses for showing off of your presence. No, it ought not to be so.

In the inner part of your heart, if you’d be sincere with yourself, you won’t want to be termed redundant or inactive; so contributing to discourses should really be one of the reasons you are in a group – a team. After all, it is said that, iron sharpens iron. Albeit, allow your discretion to guide you on when to make an input.

No any team leader would be happy to have inactive individuals on their team. Hence, contributing your quota or complementing on what has been said is one major way of not seeming to be redundant in a group.

I have the opportunity of being in a group where someone had an outburst of anger over how, like she termed it, “Everyone seemed not to recognize her presence.” This happened to be a lady who never contributed to any discourse. So, how on God’s earth was her presence to be recognized? Well, she felt irritated and left.

However, the line must be drawn between being an active member and being a nuisance. Nuisance is brought about by causing distraction while an active session is ongoing. Get this right, dear; when there is an active session and you make comments or gestures that kinda nudge the speaker, such won’t be regarded as distractions because a virtual speaker is oblivious of your presence during a session. So, such comments or gestures that tend to prod a virtual speaker are encouraging and reassuring to the speaker.

I hope that with these few points of mine, I’ve been able to convince and not to confuse you that being a nuisance is similitude to showing off of your presence but different from not wanting to be a ghost member.

Take home: “Hone your skills in this kingdom of writers…” – Sir Emeka Nobis   

I hope you’d find usefulness for this piece.

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