“The road to greatness is not an easy road.” “To be great in life and achieve success, your input is highly needed.”
“You cannot amount to anything if you don’t know your ‘why’.” 

These and many others have been words I’ve lived my whole life hearing on a daily. I have gleaned such information in the national dailies and books; and have heard them fizzle into my ears from the mouths of awesome individuals like Dale Carnegie, John C. Maxwell, Myles Munroe of blessed memory, not forgetting my brothers, Emeka NobisIni Akpan and Steve Harris. In the past few years of my life, these sayings have perpetually remained unchanged.

“Why has that been the case? Why are those sayings never changing? Are there no better way to say them?” These and many more were the questions that plagued my heart on a daily. I couldn’t get enough of such candid words causing me to feel flummoxed until I found out that they are nothing but just the real deal; they were the principles guiding life and cannot be changed. 

I got down one day, calmed myself and really took a hell of a time to meditate on life and the challenges along its path. While I was in that haven of soul searching, I realised that, 

“FAILURE is nothing but a LURE to SUCCESS. When you FAIL, know that you are being lured to success. Follow the lure; success is right ahead somewhere” – #QuotesByNoel.

In life, I have a world of great aspirations that have not seen the light of day. However, while in the struggle to realizing my goals, I have remained undaunted, undefeated, the greatest, a pugilist – giving life the fight it really deserves and throwing the spot on punches which have seen me standing on top of my challenges. 

Through the path I have trudged on in life and the experiences I have had a fair share of, I have learnt that,  

“In your journey through life, learn to keep your head up and your troubles down – the anecdote to life’s struggles” – #QuotesByNoel 

Achieving a great feat is a worthwhile venture. Being one of the winners in a poetic contest has proved to me that until you start to take success seriously, it won’t take you seriously too. 

It feels good and I’m in jubilant mood

My days of sleepless nights, I can vividly see, are now paying off gradually. And that is why;

I pledge to poetry my allegiance 

To write powerful words of grievance

To help put an end to a world of annoyance 

Brought about by wrong religious professions

Where everyone believes in a routined obeisance 

To a deity that does not encourage nuisance 

But His followers believe they can help with His nuance

While He stays above gazing at us with a frown

Shaking His head in dismay as He sees nothing in us but the nature of clowns

In localized towns

Dancing and merrying and painting the city brown

Forgetting the vital truth that such life can have you drowned 

Brought to the barest minimum and put you down

Yet, we are busy thinking we are His heroes and heroines 

While being busy puffing heroin 

With pain around the groin

We are left with no more coin

 But made to start going

Here and there without tightening our loins

Soon we have loose joints

I know I’m hitting in my points.

I pledge to making corrections to these ills with my writings

Lay my voice bare and try to end the fightings 

Fueled by parental hating 

Unmask parents who on their kids have been hitting 

Rearing children who have deranged feelings

And save the lives of Agatha and Felix.

I pledge to make a difference to my world

Even as I gradually grow old 

Great writings from me will unfold 

My muse will revive even when cold

Amen; this I pray, dear Lord.

Remember you’re my God. 

I love you. 

Property of: Souliterary Planet 

© Noel’s Pen™

05.August.2016 [All Rights Reserved] 


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