Some days back, I got stuck on an information that was very vital for a write up I had written. It was needed to serve as the ‘icing on the cake I had made’. 


My mind wondered in futility to find the answer to the question that filled my heart on where to find an answer. I racked my brain, did some research by myself; ransacked the web all in the bid to finding an answer. 

Then, I remembered that I belong to the league of friends who have open hands and large hearts. Friends who are willing to come running to render help to my every need. 

But, there was a problem. I am someone who has no passion for ‘asking’. Reason is because, I see it as being a nuisance and a pest. I had to find an answer to my heart aching, mind bugging question anyways. 


In a jiffy; in a twinkle of an eye, before I could say, Jack, I got an answer that solved my whole day of restlessness. 

My dearly beloved family and friends, it is not a misconception when God’s Word says that, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall opened unto you” – Matthew 7 vs 7

So, when you find yourself in that place where it feels difficult or in a dilemma, NEVER FORGET TO ASK.

PS: Ask the right kind of people.


Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™

06.August.2016 All rights reserved


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