Living at my place of birth, the place where I first ate bread and drank from mommy’s  breasts to serve as my own tea, was quite an interesting experience. 
Where we lived was remarkable for one striking feature – it was close to a government facility called Project.  What made Project stand out from other places and has seemingly stuck to my memory more than any other place or thing? 


It’s because Project was a landmark. Anytime I seemed to forget or miss my way back home as a kid, if I could get to project, then I’m home. Yeah! That’s one remarkable thing about Project. 


Today, I have my own project; or should I say, I’m ‘building’ my own project! It feels good to be working on my first E-BOOK. Yes, that’s MY NEW PROJECT. 


So, like Project, what is one feature that will make my own project remarkable? It is the fact that it is the compilation of my own, ‘Work of Art’ with content of great stuff capable of sticking to your mind for a very long time to come and act as a point of reference from time to time.


Be ready, you will be one of the first of my family and friends to grace and caress this ‘awesome wonder’ when cooked; yes, you. 


Like in the advertisements, I’d say, WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE GOODIES. 


Holla! 😉

Property of: Souliterary Planet™

© Noel’s Pen™



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