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Lately, I have found out that the exclamation mark is being misused by its over usage. 


This mark is single, simple and gentle (in a subtle kind of way). It doesn’t have any sibling. 



In its correct usage, it should be used singly. The more exclamation marks you use does not in anyway increase the intensity of the exclamation. 


When you write and use the exclamation mark, it denotes an exclamation – an emotion. 


Note, however, that there is a lead-in before the mark is used. That is, the wit, the humour, the unusual, the surprise, etc. should all be in the writing. If these are lacking in your sentence, all the exclamation marks in the world won’t create them for you.


So, as a civilized writer, don’t adopt the pattern of the signwriter or the poster artist. 


Above all, this is not the mark of the beast, so, use it wisely. 😉


I’d advise, as much as you can, learn this truth, apply it and sell it not. 


I hope you find usefulness for this piece. 


Thank you. 


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© Noel’s Pen™


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