Nigeria is a Great Nation and we are Good People!

But looking at the happenings in the country recently, you’ll be prompted to ask, “Where is the greatness?” 
Well, truly, it has gotten very bad to the extent that everyone is no longer at tension but at ease including the animals on our Coat of Arm. 

These and more has made us to question ourselves , “Where is the authority?” Sincerely, when the authority of any nation goes into hiding, lawlessness takes a seat and enjoys the terrain while it lasts.

This has put in our hearts unwarranted pain and undeserved regrets. But, are we to remain in the place of tears, wailing and throwing aspersions and tantrums? I don’t encourage we do.
That is why I want you to believe with me that the solution to what our nation is passing through lies at the place of prayer. So, if you don’t mind, join me and…
Let us pray!
“Our Lord and Saviour, we call out to thee

Let the green in us become greener

And the white, whiter

Let the eagle soar again

Cause the stallions grow hinds feet

And run without being weary

O, God of creation!

Direct our noble course

And liberate us from any foundational curse.”

Happy Independence Day and New Month to you.

© Noel’s Pen™


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