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While in High School, I came across typists who typed very fast without looking at the keyboard. This they did with all zest, zeal and accuracy. I was like, WOW! I mean, I couldn’t imagine a human being type with relatively little or no errors and a speed like that of light. In fact, it “scattered my dada” (got me bewildered).
That was where it all started. My interest was aroused and I began to imagine myself doing more than they ever did.


“That’s the spirit, boy!” A voice inside of me had said. I became poised to be a guru when it comes to typing higher words per minute with little or no errors at all. But there was a Rock of Gibraltar on the way – I hadn’t got any computer system back then and I hadn’t got the money to buy one. But I did something…
I had one neighbour who was a computer engineer. So, I went to the ‘bros’ and requested to be given any of his scrap keyboards. “In the house of an artisan, there abounds a river of scraps; and an artisan without scraps is likened unto a mouth without teeth.” – QuotesByNoel


Thankfully, he obliged me. I was full of appreciation. Although he didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, I was glad he didn’t ask.


From then on, I settled down to learning the keyboard without a monitor, any other component or a tutor. So, i set out on the journey of being an Exceptional Being in typing the way only Superhumans do. I would ‘lap’ the keyboard, then start to type imaginary words in my head. After doing this for a long period of time, I would raise my head and look into ‘far away lands’ while typing. Guess what, I got the words correctly.


“How would you have been sure of that?” You may ask. Well, my brain became accustomed to the keys and subsequently directed my fingers to the right key to type by default. This was because I pronounced the keys as I typed them. This practice enabled me to type without looking at the keyboard.


Did I achieve my aim? Of course, I did.


Well, when some money side stepped and came along, I got enrolled at the Computer Training Institute by my elder brother. But there was something interesting that happened at the Institute; I was introduced to Mavis Beacon – a Typing Tutor. The typing techniques she taught were mostly the exact of what I had taught myself but I had to go through the drill as it was to my gain – for perfection.


Today, I can type higher words per minute with a speed that’s wowing and accuracy that mayn’t require any correction; and all these come without a sneak peek at the keyboard.


DISCLAIMER: This does not seek to be a form of trumpet blowing or praise singing, please. It is to be a ‘ginger’ (booster) for you to know that in your journey through life, nothing is too big or enormous; no mountain is too high for you to climb and no river is too wide for you to make it across. All you have to do is to put on some faith and hope for the better while giving your time to that greatness you are eager to achieve.


Above all, make an attempt in building interest in something. A man who lacks interest in anything is invariably saying that life is nothing.


Remember always that, you are made of more and for more.


Cheers, to your success and mine!


© Noel’s Pen™


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