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“Never despise the days of little beginnings.” These words remain evergreen. To my life, the words hold sway. This picture takes me back to the days when I was trying out my hands on writing and reminds me of the kind of spirit in me – the dogged, never-say-die spirit.


This picture was taken while on the sick bed some years ago. I was ill back then but I never allowed being on the bed hinder me from heading in the direction of my calling. I made it a point of duty while at the hospital to wake up and write something; earlier before the doctor checked in for treatment.


Despite the pains

I counted my end gains

Gave my best in the sun and rains

And hoped to be whole and sane


The days when in the secret places I cried

God was with me and I must confess, He tried

Cured me of my sickness when no one cared

He was there for me when I was jittery and scared


This picture also reminds me of the fact that one can only be hindered in life when your mindset about life is flawed. That is why in life, never allow people talk down on who you are. Do not sell your right to happiness and cheerfulness. Keep in mind that no one has the right under the face of the earth to make you feel inferior.


You are the only one who knows your story. Congrats to the one or two others who may know too. But when it comes to being that man, that woman you were meant to be, know that you are the architect of your success story to be built up with the building blocks of failures.


Never forget that,

“Failure is a LURE to success. So, when you FAIL, know that you’re being lured to success. Follow the lure. Success is just ahead, somewhere.”

– QuotesByNoel


Be propelled by the fact that, you were made of more and for more.


Cheers, to your success and mine!




© Noel’s Pen™


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