It was never meant to be this short-lived

How did we fail to stop all the hating and the beef?

Now we have reached the stage where you wanna leave

We were told never to give a sigh, a heave 

Why did we have to play down the Truth

I just realized that your real name is Ruth

You fed me with lies everyday

Never gave me any reason to believe a word you say

These whole marriage thing was a sham

You’ve done nothing good to my heart but harm

We were taught to love each other on trust 

How could that be, when your lips, with lies have rust? 

I never imagined you could make me feel like a fox

When people, my friends ask me; “this matter, what’s the crux?” 

I blinked at trust 

But you waved the most 

Saying we were never meant to be 

Putting all the blame on me. 


Often times we’ve heard people talk about trust but what they fail to understand is that trust does not just happen in marriage. It takes sincerity of words and deeds before wedding.

Faithfulness is the foundation upon which trust is built. Therefore, love truly and trust faithfully.

Property of: Souliterary Planet™


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