Sometime in March, 2016, I set out on the journey of writing my first eBook on Poetry. 

The writing phase was ecstatic and I enjoyed everyday of it because inspiration wasn’t epileptic but poured in like a flood. 

The phase for the edit came and was not short lived. 

Then, the phase for publishing came and it brought with it a world of challenges. 

At this phase, I got admitted at the hospital and that, invariably put my book’s publication on hold. As if that wasn’t enough, I got discharged and acquitted 😉; came home, got ready to proceed with publishing but my handheld device 📱 containing my intellectual property was taken by those I couldn’t bribe. 

As dishevelled as I was, I remained optimistic and trusted God for a miracle; after all, back at the hospital, the song, ‘Miracle Worker’ by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, became my watchword as that was what my body yearned for at the time – a miracle. 

Long story shortened, I and my publisher agreed on a date for the publishing to go through and we fixed it for 1st December, 2016 and when that day came, my book, HEARTFELT RHYMES AND RHYTHMS got published on Okadabooks.

What if I had given up or baulked to the pressures back then? What if I had lost faith in The Maker, God Almighty? 

So, dear friend, you have no reason to give up on that great goal of yours. I urge you trudge on; keep at it, never lose focus of the Big Picture ’cause, in the end, God always wins. 

Remember, you’re made of more and for more. 


© 2016 by Noel’s Pen™



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