As a child, growing up into adulthood, I read stuffs written by people of different calibre and a lot of times, I see myself being an after-book-publication-editor
What do I mean by that?

I am this guy who tries to read almost everything I come across in print and while I do, I always ticked out errors with my pen; then write the correct ones against them.

Before the advent of the GSM phones and before I ever handled a phone to read things online, I read virtually any article I laid my hands on and this was just for the acquisition of knowledge. 

There were corrections too many so that one day, I told myself that, “Someday, I too, shall write something that others too would read”; basically, I desired to be an author. I set my heart to it but the words to write, just didn’t come and there wasn’t any idea of what book title I’d come up with. Nonetheless,  I knew somewhere deep inside of me that I’d be an author someday. 

I never lost focus; I kept at it. Then, there was this wonderful day; a day I will never forget as I sat in the couch – not really pondering on anything, just lounging – my thoughts got hijacked by the Spirit of God. He began to pour words into my mind and as a sharp writer, I dashed to my backpack, picked a pen and paper, and started to scribble all the words He was freely giving me. 

In the end, I was able to compile a book of twelve chapters. But, do you know the interesting part of this story, my friend? It is the fact that the book is yet to see the light of the day. 

Now, I have sat back, relaxed and imagined what must be the reason for the delay. “Finance!”, my mind cried – though it is one of the reasons, but not quite. The Spirit opened my eyes to see that the real deal is the impact the book is going to make to my generation. 

The Spirit of the Lord explained and said, “Every worthwhile venture that goes smoothly without challenges, never lasts and usually has insignificant impact.” Then, it dawned on me that my book has a mouthwatering purpose attached and the enemy is fighting real hard to see how he can thwart it’s publication plans but, gladly, I tell you that the Lord has taken the battle off me – now, He is in charge.

While the project of that book is still in  the offing, I got the inspiration to write my first eBook on Poetry; did I succeed?

Yes, dear, I did. My first eBook, 

HEARTFELT RHYMES AND RHYTHMS (click here) is published with Okadabooks at Okadabooks.com (click here)  and it has charted a course for more eBooks to come from me. 

Right now, I am currently working on my next eBook and I have titled it, “STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART” – a book that reveals the content of the heart of its author. 

Dear friend, you can never amount to anything in life if you lack the ability to be patient and suffer long. These are the virtues that only the Spirit of God gives and they are some of His fruit. By your own power, you’d crash along the way. 

Give Him yourself today and let Him take charge. 

He did it for me and today, I don’t need to shout or brag that, NOEL O. LOUIS, I’m AN AUTHOR

Remember, you’re made of more and for more. 


© 2016 by Noel’s Pen™



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