I am not a master, but I call you to come and dine
We are strong by our diversity; true that, we are not related by bloodline

Forget tribalism and the pactice of marrying a concubine

You are different from your ancestors and I am, also, from mine
You are my friend and sister, therefore let’s eat

It mayn’t be large, but this is truly a worthwhile treat

It might be insignificant for your class, but just take a bite

With time, you and I, we’ll be better, treating each other right
God is love and we’re made in His image

If you wish, I’d come to your Dad and Mom to pay homage

We’re full of energy, we can work it out through old age

We’ll never stop believing, God will be our anchorage
In case you don’t know, I am just a young man; not yet a star

But, I’ve got gold in the sun and silver in the shining stars

I am managing to drive the old car that my parents drove

All I have to offer now, is this big bowl of love

Come and let’s eat.
© 2016 by Noel’s Pen™

All rights reserved


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