– A White Christmas –


Behold, the day called Christmas!
A day set aside for the rich and poor masses

To celebrate the birth of a New Born King

A time of merriment for the Blacks and Whites
A time when kids love to fly the kites

While parents sit back enjoying the kites in flight

A time to reminisce the days when men wore black and white
Drank Coke and Sprite

And lived in the hopes for a brighter and whiter Christmas 
Rejoice, O, ye who have had it rough and dark

Ordinarily, ye lack a thing to be merry about

Rejoice again, for today, you’ll have a Christmas that’s smooth and bright

One that’ll leave behind fond remembrances
I say, rejoice for that New Born King is here to give you…


Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year, my dear friends and family. 


© 18th December, 2016 by Noel’s Pen™

All rights reserved


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