Met this lady on Facebook named, Jadically
Told her I want to know her physically 

She debunked and said, “That’s so quick; we just got to meet here individually

And immediately, you make me feel you, emotionally;

Look now, you have touched my soft spot psychologically

I feel something for you already, physiologically”
I looked away and asked, “Can we make this happen authentically?”

She paused a little, then said, “I trust you like to make things happen automatically; 

What country are you from, is it Mali?”
I told her, “My mom is from Nigeria; my dad, from Italy.”

She said, “These are lies that do not tally.”

To assert, I showed her a picture of my fair sister named Sally

Who smiles too much; you might mistaken her face for a smiley 
Then, I asked her, “Are we game, dear Jadically?”

Without dilly dally, 

She answered, “Yes, dear JetLi

I have come to trust you fully

No need for any more dilly dally

You’re seemingly a cool and calculate guy, not silly

“I will love you truly

Do away with my other friend, Molly 

Try not to play you too holy

It will be just you and I, only 

Loving ourselves fondly”
In the end, I wooed Jadically 

For her lack of knowledge that I had made her believe in lies that are told, FACEBOOKALLY 


My dear ladies, open your eyes so that you do not fall for the lies told by the “fakeness” on Social Media, especially Facebook. 

Thank you. 

© 2016 by Noel’s Pen™



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