In Bethlehem of Judaea was He born

To take away the sins of the world, in Mary, Jesus was borne

But to achieve that, His clothes were torn

On His head was worn a crown of thorns
At His birth were gifts of Myre

In such freezing cold, all He needed was warmth from a fire

A manger was not His desire 

But must be, to fulfil His Father’s Heart desire

Now, unto us a Child is born; to save us, that’s the essence 

Bring unto Him your gifts of Frankincense 

He is the reason for the season 

He whitens your soul’s crimson
He made the bronze, silver and gold

Looking unto Jesus; His face He wants you to behold

So as to be freed from every stronghold 

I’m sure you have been told
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear friend. 


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© 25th December, 2016 by Noel’s Pen™


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